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Rewiring Your ADHD Child For Success
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We have parents’ backs, and that of their child.

ADHD Children do not come with a manual.  


Instead, most parents generally discover early on that ADHD children require a more complex, holistic, strengths-based, humane approach.


ADHD children require nurturing, and coaching, and love, and expectations, and structure, and optimism, and experiences, and the gift of time to allow them to grow into independence and happiness. 


As the parent of an ADHD child, you must advocate for your child; otherwise, you are rolling the dice with his/her future.


No-one understands your child better than you, and if you do not support your child, no one will.


The structures that in the past supported ADHD families are now seriously frayed; parents now have less time to support children than before, and schools are not necessarily your ADHD child’s allies. 


We need to create new frameworks where parental challenges are shared.


At Confident Parenting Coaches, we recognize that building your ADHD child as a student and a person does not happen overnight. It takes time to teach your ADHD child.


Our Confident Parenting Coaches’ ebook and program is specifically designed to help you become your  child’s best coach and advocate.

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