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Create Your Child’s Hero’s Journey

Every child has the talent within to be a hero; for most, that talent withers on the vine.

Your child is  just beginning a life’s journey that is likely to last into the 22nd century.

The Your Child’s Hero’s Journey is a Rite of Passage that is vital to enable your child to mark life changes, and in helping him/her to grow fully into the person he/she is meant to be.

Since the Ancients, families have marked key moments in their child’s lives through rites of passage that recognize the child’s growth: physical, intellectual, social, and emotional.

The Your Child’s Hero’s Journey program challenges your child,The Apprentice, to build  assets in all 4 of the areas of the ancient Four Elements, guided by parent (s) and a group of committed Mentors.

Taken together, these Four Elements connect to your child’s past, present, and future, and for spiritual families, a section is included on integrating spiritual values into your child’s Hero’s Journey.

Our 21st century society is complex and exhausting.  Parents are faced with a culture that is moving too fast, and that offers up conflicting messages for their child.

The Your Child’s Hero’s Journey guides you on how to return to the practice of the ancient rite of passage in a 70 page

e-book that takes you step by step through the journey process.

The Hero’s Journey is, on average, a six month exploration by your child that is designed to challenge him/her to be better, to recognize the assets within, and to grow in positive ways.

The journey involves challenges, with the child using the richness of the experiences and relationships with ‘the team’ to grow in confidence over an extended period of time, recording progress and achievements in a digital portfolio.

This rite of passage is one in which your child takes the lead in organizing and directing, offering  your child a way forward, a deliberate direction that will help his/her growth and level


We have parents’ backs, and that of their child.
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