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How to Support Your Chronically Disorganized Child

 The experts have a fancy name for it: Executive Dysfunction.


Stressed parents and teachers refer to it simply as chronic disorganization.


Your child  lacks control of multiple aspects of his/her life in school and at home, because he/she lacks the ability to organize possessions or ideas.


Constant chaos reigns, as a result, and no one is happy!

Our How to Support Your Chronically Disorganized Child e-program provides you with the essential tools needed to manage your child’s disorganization, and to coach him/her towards practices that will be of immediate help.


This e-book and e-program have, at their core, an understanding that your chronically disorganized child cannot become stronger without both tremendous structure and constant practice in the child’s weak organizational skills that most of us take for granted.


This ConfidentParenting e-book and e-program focuses on the creation of a Parent Master Plan that is 100% personalized, as no two children have the same organizational needs and priorities.


With the purchase of this e-book and e-program, parents are offered access to a partnership with us in developing the best plan for your child.


Do not delay in providing your desperately disorganized child the support he/she needs.

  We have parents’ backs, and that of your child.
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