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  How To Develop the Skills Your Child Needs 

 to Make and Keep Friends

Young boy wearing face mask due to covid19 using his cellphone while sitting in a bench in

 For some children, making and keeping friends comes naturally and with ease.


However, for many children, finding and holding onto even one friend is desperately difficult, and the isolation and loneliness is heartbreaking to watch.


At Confident Parenting Coaches, our e-book and e-program, How To Develop the Skills Your Child Needs to Make and Keep Friends, is written with the goal of coaching parents on how to best coach their child in developing social skills.


This ConfidentParenting ebook and program focuses on the creation of  a  Parent Master Plan that is 100% personalized, as no two children have the same organizational needs and priorities.


With the purchase of this e-book and e-program, parents are offered access to a partnership with us in developing the best plan for your child.          

We have parents’ backs, and that of their child.
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