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How To Create Your Child’s Passport in Global Citizenship 


The  Passport in Global Citizenship (PCC) offers a powerful set of tools that uses a neurodevelopmental lens to ensure that your child, K-12,  has explored the assets that will lead to success in later life. 


With your child’s FREE neurodevelopmental profile, you can begin to build your Parent Master Plan that allows you to focus on your child’s development in 10 essential interlinking assets, with the goal of curating them, over time and as your child grows, inside a digital portfolio of the child’s creation.


  • Lifelong  learning as a way of life.

  • Stewardship of Earth

  • Servant leadership

  • A positive, proactive approach to health and wellness, in both mind and body

  • Global civic mindedness, and an appreciation of other peoples and cultures.

  • An understanding of the beauty and joy of performance and visual arts

  • Digital mastery and citizenship

  • Financial literacy

  • Personal growth


The order in which your child achieves mastery in any of the 10 assets is really dependent on his or her developmental maturity, not on their grade level. Your child may dive into any asset at any time, depending on readiness. It is never too late to start the Passport in Global Citizenship program, and it allows for tremendous flexibility in focus, and for your family to adapt to meet your specific needs.


We have parents’ backs, and that of their child.

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