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The Promise of Every Child!

1. Parents, Wake Up!

In Greek mythology, Pandora scattered the contents of her box, resulting in Earth and sea becoming "full of evils"

It often feels that as a 21st century global community, we have opened Pandora’s Box containing "countless plagues", the gravity of which we are just now beginning to understand.

The COVID pandemic, and its aftermath, is the perfect example of a plague before us.

However, it is merely the most obvious.

The Seismic, Epic Changes Taking Place:

Our society, culture, economy, politics, education, work life, and especially our technological understanding, is occurring at a pace that is mind boggling, and that shows no sign of slowing down.

One item, however, did not escape Pandora’s box. Hope remained in its unbreakable home under the rim of the great box, and did not fly out. By the will of Zeus, the lid of the box stopped Pandora from destroying Hope.

It is to Hope that we must turn in this third decade of the 21st century, if we wish to successfully navigate the tremendous changes taking place in every aspect of our global societies.

More importantly, it is to Hope that we need to look to secure the futures of our children.

However, Hope will not be enough. It will demand parental commitment and planning to ensure their child’s success.

Millennial and Gen Z parents are starting to awaken to their need to be proactive in ensuring their child’s future. It is not something to be left to chance. Parents need to become proactive; not merely reactive to events.

Our Children’s Challenging Future:

The future will be challenging for our children, but if we prepare them properly for that future; if we help them understand the process of change and how to harness its power, while containing the “plagues” that inevitably accompany it, we will be setting them up for both personal and professional future success.

The days of disparaging the helicopter parent are over.

That type of parenting was abusive because, at its core, it was about fulfilling the physiological needs of the parent, at the expense of the child.

In today’s iteration, the parent understands the need for a plan for their child’s future success.

However, it is driven by Hope not selfishness; it offers selflessness and kindness at its base.

Today’s multiple changes and challenges are anxiety-producing for many adults. Research is beginning to suggest that this anxiety is consuming our children, as well.

Hope, planning, commitment and love are the perfect antidotes to this anxiety, and it is the greatest gift that parents can give their children today.

To hesitate is to leave your child to the winds of change, and that would be a mistake.

To coin a phrase, Millennial and Gen Z parents must keep hope alive!

In Blog #2, we explore the challenges your child faces going forward in a world that is moving at the speed of light.

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