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The Six Pillars to Ensure Your Child’s Future Success

Fewer and fewer of us are happy.

A generation ago, Gen X suggested that, “It takes a village.”- we needed to depend on each other. Today, the institutions that once dominated our village are in decline, and they have not yet been replaced.

In the vacuum that now exists, uncertainty reigns.

Physical and mental health are in decline throughout the world: we engage with others less; our well being is poorer, we do less to support our communities, kids are dying in record numbers from opioids, anxiety overwhelms many, and we are finally now recognizing the toll modern living is taking on our children.

As a global people, we are sailing into unknown waters that seem choppier than ever; a wall of water lies in front of us to make navigation appear ever more daunting.

We know we cannot stay in our safe harbor, but we wonder with some trepidation as to what lies ahead.

So, how does a parent prepare their child in such an uncertain world?

While we cannot divine the future, some trends are clear, and they offer guidance as to the practical steps that a parent may begin to take with their children from the earliest age to help ensure that they are best positioned for success and happiness in 2030, 2050, 2070, and beyond.

At Confident Parenting Coaches, we call these steps pillars-six pillars- that offer the foundations that are essential for your child’s future growth in an ever changing world.

The six pillars hold up the edifice that is your child.

To ensure success, a parent must continually tend to all six, for to focus too much on one, at the expense of another, will eventually lead one to crumble, and the whole edifice that is the child will come tumbling down.

The 1st essential pillar is focused on The Family, and the centrality of a positive family experience in the growth of your child.

The 2nd essential pillar focuses on the Intellectual and Educational growth of your child, and on the increasing number of changing paths that are available to your child.

The 3rd essential pillar seeks to build the strength of a child’s Physical and Mental Health as a core asset.

The 4th essential pillar looks to ensure a child’s Financial Literacy: how to make money; how to spend money responsibly, and how to best save money for a future where it is likely your child will have to be much more financially self-reliant.

The 5th essential pillar revolves around the child’s Social and Emotional Development, and developing both vital interpersonal ( understanding self) and intrapersonal ( understanding others) skills.

The 6th essential pillar is Communal: the ability of your child to engage with the wider community in a positive manner that contributes to our society-local, national, or global.

With these six in place, your child will be well-prepared to meet any future the world may hold in career and relationships.

In the blogs that follow, we will examine each pillar in turn.

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