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Reimagining Parenting

  A 5-Step Program for the Millennial Parenting Revolution 

Happy african american parents and cute children dancing among boxes celebrating moving da
We have parents’ backs, and those of their child.

Welcome to our Millennials Reimagining Parenting program. It's designed to provide you with guidance in your deciding on the essential steps needed in growing your child towards future success and happiness.


Millennial parents are breaking down the stereotypical parental gender roles, and dads are involved more than ever.  Millennial parents are using a more intimate, less hierarchical role with their children than parents of previous generations. To that end, they want an open, honest dialogue with their children.


Millennials are holding onto their personal identities  more than past generations, while developing those of their children, at the same time.


Each part of our program builds upon the changing face of millennial parenting  to provide support in what is an Age of Uncertainty and Anxiety.


Each unit of the program offers a concluding exercise intended to draw out your parenting ideas.

Throughout, you will be asked to write, reflect, and to develop your parenting ideas.


You and your co-parent will have real discussions about parenting.  You will find that there are places where you are pretty much in agreement, and others places where you differ, maybe considerably.


Each parent should complete the exercises and share your thoughts.  


You can then collect your ideas and keep them for future reference, as the challenges you face parenting will  change as your child grows older, for no matter what the issues are, your bedrock approach to millennial parenting must remain the same.

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